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Project Description

Essential Fruit Ltd

Essential Fruit are a niche b2b fruit merchants based in Warwickshire.

Fruit growers around the world supply them with fresh produce for the processing market. This is fruit that is not quite of the ‘aesthetic’ standard required for it to be sold as whole pieces. It might be too big or small, be the wrong shape or have cosmetic defects, but otherwise it is perfectly sound for consumption. So Essential Fruit take this fruit and sells it to producers of fruit based products like fruit salads,  juice drinks or tinned fruit.

The brief was to design a fresh, clean, fruity brand to work across all areas of their marketing. Utilising the ‘e’ from essential to create a simple fruit shape, we worked to create a bright, distinctive, brand identity that is versatile yet simple .

Steph is my marketing helpline. I give her a call, describe what I need and she delivers it. She has helped me go from a new business with no logo, to the point of having a vibrant brand that is used throughout the business… it might be Tshirts next! Dan Cahill, Managing Director, Essential Fruit.


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