Don’t like the new Google logo? 5 reasons that might change your mind.

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Don’t like the new Google logo? 5 reasons that might change your mind.

In case you missed it (although I don’t know how, unless you had a power cut or live in a cave)… the world woke up last week to a new Google logo.

Although it’s not a groundbreakingly large change, it is the biggest change to the Google logo since 2013 when it flattened its serif logo from the 3D effect (that was looking so very 1990’s) which helped to define its distinctive five colour brand.

Despite the subtleties of the change, there are plenty who are not impressed.

The first Google ad poll after the launch showed that the majority of people don’t like it. Many seem to be mourning the loss of an elegant serif face. Feeling that the new sans serif face is childlike in comparison, many said that it evokes the feel of children’s refrigerator magnets in its simplicity and primary colours.

But is this all just the shock of the new? Will their eyes adjust to the simpler version within time and see that this is actually the right move for Google?

Here are my 5 reasons why the new Google logo is actually cleverer than you think.

1. The logo was developed in house. This means they did not feel the need for the kudos of spending eye watering large sums of money with an know brand agency to reassure them that they are doing the right thing. *Cough* remember the 2012 Olympic logo.
This shows quiet confidence in themselves, their team and the direction they are going.

2. The launch of the logo was clever and well thought out. Everyone loves the Google Doodles. They have become a huge part of the Google brand personality. So to introduce the new logo in a way that was consistent with Google’s style of animations was inspired.

If you havent seen the New Logo Doodle – Click here

2. The change to sans serif – Less style, more substance.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice serif typeface, they are very elegant. But a serif face is more suited to a classic brand like the V&A

Google are and always have been a digital brand. In terms of style, sans serif faces are clean and contemporary which is more suited to the modern, ever changing nature of a large digital brand.

And in terms of usage, a simple sans serif font with its equally weighted letters
is more readable and streamlined for the ever changing range of apps, programmes and screen sizes that Google has to deal with.

3. It’s all about that cap G. Yes, the previous lowercase serif g was elegant and distinctive. But it never worked very well on square app icons. If you look at all the old app icons together, they look disconnected.

The new cap G logo is a truly cross platform logo – it works on every device.
The lowercase g worked fine when we were all just using large computer screens.
But the new G icon works simply and effectively on phone screens, tablets, smartwatches and even cars.

The new range of apps are now simple and united.

5. They have created a friendly and non threatening brand. Let’s face it, deep down we are all probably aware that Google is an hugely complex, world-dominating business that is moving faster than we can imagine. So to wrap all that up in a brightly coloured, friendly package is very clever. Google is your helpful friend.
But Google is constantly evolving. Change is in its very nature. That it will keep changing is the only thing we can really be sure of.

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